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The Big Dune
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Monday, October 15, 2012

Three Days in Vienna

IMG_0095 Yes, it is still a teaser (Erin style) although unlike my last un-teaser-like teaser, it doesn’t have a bunch of rambling writing in it!  We spent three days in Vienna, and as you can see, I was still wearing the brace and carrying my trekking poles.  Vienna was basically a very big city, in the flatter part of Austria, and was expensive and …well…I’ll save that for the real blog.  Some things about Vienna we loved.

It is a city to explore if you have a lot of time and money and love high fashion, music, and art.  A favorite moment was the short ride on the Prater Ferris Wheel and learning about its historical significance to the city. 

I arrived home last night after more than 24 hours of traveling.  Jet lag is worse from east to west I think, and I am still all strange and spacy and exhausted.  Many photos to process and memories written on the iPad to capture.