Kayaking Applegate Lake

Kayaking Applegate Lake
Kayaking Applegate Lake

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back to work

surnise on the way to work (1) 

After being home just part of a day, it was time for me to make up for two and a half weeks traveling and head back to town to work.  As the weather deepens into winter I will be working from home more often, but I still have to go to the Soil Survey Office in Klamath Falls on a regular basis to get “official” emails on my “official” government computer, and check in with each of my four bosses.  Just thought it might be fun to share my early morning ride with you. 

surnise on the way to work (2) 

Rocky Point is about 30 miles or so west of Klamath Falls, and Klamath Lake is nestled into the basin between here and there.  The morning commute is never boring, and what I love most about it is the lack of cars.  Sometimes I will see 2 or 3 cars at the most traveling west to Medford, and maybe a truck or two will pass me going east. 

surnise on the way to work (3) 

On a clear morning I can see Mt Shasta in the distance as I climb over Doak Mountain.  The sweetest moment of my 35 minute drive however, is when I round the big curve and the southern arm of Klamath Lake stretches out before me. This morning my timing was just right to catch the early light over the lake. “Commute” is a relative term, don’t you think?